SIDS Sibling Raises Awareness About Safe Sleep

At CJ First Candle, we are continuously inspired by our supporters who share our goal of eliminating Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID). Dylan Kossar, a high school senior, has reminded us that through life experiences, creativity, and community support, our goals are attainable.

Dylan and her friends are on the leadership team of a business club at their high school and led this year’s Community Service Project. This required deciding on a nonprofit or foundation to support, holding fundraisers and events, writing a 30-page paper, and presenting the project to judges at the state conference in Atlantic City, NJ. Dylan and her friends selected CJ Foundation for SIDS (now CJ First Candle) because Dylan’s brother passed away due to SIDS when he was only six weeks old.

For their main event, the group held a 5K run and raised over $7,000 in donations and registrations. They spread awareness about the importance of creating a safe sleep environment for babies by setting up tables at two town festivals and many school events, where they handed out flyers, save the dates and educational materials. In total they educated over 500 people. The project placed 2nd in the state, which qualified them to present in Anaheim, California at the national conference later this month.

Way to go Dylan! Good luck in Anaheim!