About CJ First Candle

For more than two decades, First Candle and CJ Foundation for SIDS have focused on a shared intent – reducing the rates of SIDS, SUID and Stillbirth and supporting those who have experienced a loss.   We have worked with researchers, supported local organizations, and developed programs and initiatives to educate as many people as possible about safe sleep and healthy pregnancies.

As we move into 2017, we have taken a bold and exciting next step. In our desire to become an even stronger and more successful organization, First Candle and CJ Foundation for SIDS have merged to become CJ First Candle. Our driving force will be simple – Saving babies. Supporting families.

CJ First Candle’s expanded networking capability will benefit family events and regional programs, allowing us to strengthen our outreach and support services. We will continue to provide bereavement support both online through our private Facebook groups and our peer support program.  Bereavement materials are available to families and caregivers by calling our grief support line at 1-800-221-7437.

We have been grateful for the tremendous support you have given to both of our organizations. As we move forward as one, CJ First Candle will now have an even greater opportunity to convert your support into additional services, education and research funding.

We hope to count on you as part of our goal—as an even stronger entity—to eliminate SIDS, SUID and preventable Stillbirths.