Legacy Program

 To those that have experienced the death of a precious baby, please accept our deepest sympathies. While there is nothing that can take away the pain and sadness, we hope you will find that time does help soften the grief and make it more manageable. We are often told that having opportunities to commemorate your baby’s life in a meaningful way can help with the healing process. When you are ready, we hope you will consider participating in CJ First Candle’s Legacy Program. Please feel free to direct any questions you may have to info@cjfirstcandle.org or call 203.966.1300.

We are pleased to offer three ways to memorialize your baby:


Any donation made in your baby’s name


Money raised through a special fundraising event.


The Tree of Hope is a permanent tribute to the thousands of babies that have died, representing our loss and our live in a way that nothing else can. Beginning August 2017, the Tree of Hope will be transformed into a rendition that will make it mobile!  The leaves, plaques, blossoms and wings will be sewn onto a cloth banner with the trunk, branches and foundation stones beautifully sewn into the banner itself.  Our hope is to have the beautiful tree travel to conferences, hospitals, shows and events around the country for all to see.

We invite you to join us in honoring the memories of our babies by helping to grow the Tree of Hope today! Individual leaves are offered in recognition of a $200 contribution and benefactor recognition is available at the following levels: Blossom of Life ($5,000) and Wings of Peace ($10,000).

For more information or to order, please email tori@cjfirstcandle.org.