Where Does My Money Go?

First of all, we just want to say that if this is what you’re thinking, you’re already on the right track. Evaluating the expected use of your contributions is the first step you should take whenever you think about donating your time or your money to any cause. Moving on to addressing your concerns, let’s get started by going over a small list of our primary initiatives.

Research – SIDS research is currently the most valuable commodity available to the SIDS community. As more studies are conducted, more data can be collected, and more risk factors can be identified. Eventually, we hope that research will lead us to the discovery of the primary cause for SIDS, thereby relieving the world of its tragedy. The CJ Foundation is the largest non-government funding agency for SIDS research.

Bereavement Support Services – When families undergo the traumatic experience of losing a child to SIDS, they are often confused, frustrated, and filled with questions that have largely gone unanswered. The CJ Foundation is committed to helping these families cope with their loss by providing answers to many of their most difficult questions, introducing them to the extended outreach of the wonderful SIDS community, and helping them discover how best to honor their child while moving forward with their lives.

Education and Awareness – SIDS doesn’t really come up in every day conversation too often. When it does, we find that there is an awful lot of misinformation surrounding the subject, which at times can be worse than no information. We feel that it is therefore our duty to help spread awareness of SIDS and provide the public with the latest information on creating the safest environment for their children. The CJ Foundation has been vocal through numerous widespread campaigns and continues to be active on a daily basis.

Advocacy – As large as the SIDS community is, and how wonderfully generous our supporters have been, we still understand the importance of securing assistance from our government. For this reason, the CJ Foundation is very active with our representatives both locally (in New Jersey) and in Congress in hopes of achieving a significant degree of additional support. Our efforts have been showing signs of progress and we hope to see some exciting changes in the near future.

Now that you’re all caught up with our initiatives, we hope that you can continue to support us with confidence. We invite you to browse our About Us section for even more information about our organization, including up-to-date financial information. Of course, you may always contact us at any time with any further questions/comments