With Us Forever Memorials

For Donors

1 Find an existing memorial page by clicking the “Search” link above. Enter first or last name of the baby and/or family.
2 Once you’ve found the memorial, click the “donate” button.
3 Fill out the form with your credit card information and your donation will be processed!

To Create A Memorial

1     To create a memorial, begin by clicking “Become a fundraiser”.
2     Click “Create New Account” and fill out the registration form and click “Submit”.
3     Next, click “Login Link” and log in. To the left of “Social Fundraising Memorials tab” click red tab “Create Page”.
4     Fill out the Page Content of your memorial page. You can customize the Fundraising Page Title, URL, Fundraising Goal, and add a Photo. Click SAVE.
5     Finally, share your page with friends/family via email and social media. When you come back to administer your page, click the “Login” button and use your username/password from the registration process. That’s it!

Click here to view an example of a Memorial Fund.

We know this can be a daunting process. For assistance or complete page set up, please contact Linnea Michaels linnea@cjfirstcandle.org.