Mobile Program Improves Safety of Sleeping Infants

New research findings from a CJ First Candle funded grant show an increase in parental adherence to safe sleep practices for infants when education is delivered in the form of texts and emails.

Researchers tested two different types of educational interventions. The first — a complementary program where nurses taught new parents about safe sleep practices for infants while still in the hospital — did not alone have a significant effect on parents’ adherence to recommended safe sleep habits. However, the second intervention — a mobile program of informational videos and messages — did significantly improve the parents’ adherence to best-practices for safe infant sleep.

Mobile videos for educating new parents on safe infant sleep practices achieved rates of 92.5% for back sleeping and 85.9% for room-sharing without bed-sharing, two of the critical steps towards SUID reduction. These rates are much higher than those for the group who received only the in-hospital intervention on safe sleep practices and are also higher than rates achieved by interventions tested in previous research. Read more.

Authors on this study include Rachel Moon, Fern Hauck, Ann Kellams, Nicole Geller, Timothy Heeren, Stephen Kerr, Emily Drake, Kawai Tanabe, Mary McClain, and Michael Corwin.

Citation: JAMA doi:10.1001/jama.2017.8982

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