A primary focus of our work is on programs designed to educate and empower parents, caregivers, educators and medical providers on pre- and post- natal health and wellness for mom and baby.  Some of our programs include:

Military Baby Showers CJ First Candle hosts baby showers on military bases for new and expectant soldiers and officers.  Participants learn about Safe Sleep guidelines and SIDS risk reduction measures and receive products including cribs, wearable blankets and pacifiers.

Community Outreach – Safe Sleep and Infant Care Events – Working with community centers and churches CJ First Candle hosts multi-day events for new and expectant parents.  During these sessions participants receive information about the dangers of second-hand smoke, the benefits of breast feeding and some solutions to challenges in providing a safe sleep environment.  Public health nurses, lactation consultants and other experts provide trainings and assessments and follow-up is conducted to determine if safe sleep guidelines are being followed.  Upon completion of the program participants receive infant care products.

Hospital Self-Assessment – CJ First Candle has developed an online program for hospitals and health centers to identify gaps in communication and training regarding Safe Sleep.  Based upon answers, hospitals can request education materials and in-person training.

Daycare Training – the rate of SIDS is higher in the daycare setting and of those deaths more than 1/3 occur in the first week of a baby starting daycare.  CJ First Candle has developed a training program for daycare providers to help understand the issues and empower them to educate parents.