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“Where grief is still very fresh, the most important resolution made may be the dedication to survive each day.” – Bruce H. Conley

It may be difficult for you to imagine how you will get through each day. The pain you are feeling may seem unbearable at times. While each person experiences grief differently, try to remember that others have learned to live with their loss and in time, you will too.

We hope that you find these materials helpful as you take one day at a time.

Click the links below to download PDF versions of the listed resources:

Signs and Symptoms of Grief (PDF)

Tips for Special Days (PDF)

What Should I Say? (PDF)

Below are books that the CJ Foundation recommends and that parents have found helpful:

sids_survival_guide_50x78.jpg Highly Recommended
SIDS and Infant Death Survival Guide: Information and Comfort for Grieving Family and Friends and Professionals Who Seek to Help Them. Fourth Edition
Horchler JN, Rice R.This book, written by and for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and Infant Death survivors, addresses the issues facing family members, friends and helping professionals who must deal with the death of an infant. This book includes information about SIDS and other Infant Death, risk factors, possible causes and research. It addresses feelings of grief from the point of view of mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents and childcare providers. Included are writings, personal accounts, and poems written by those who have had experienced the death of a baby. Other topics covered include guilt, anger, dreams, premonitions, peer and professional support, emergency response, planning funerals, surviving anniversaries and holidays, having subsequent children, and learning to live again.Now available in both English and Spanish.

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empty-cradle.jpg Empty Cradle, Broken Heart
Davis D.
Fulcrum Publishing; Revised & enlarged edition (1996)
Full Description
not_just_another_day_50x78.jpg Not Just Another Day: Families, Grief and Special Days.Throckmorton ML.
Omaha, NE: Centering Corporation. 2003. 16 p.
Full Description
flying-hugs-and-kisses.jpg Flying Hugs and KissesSample J.
Stillwater, OK: Newforums Press. 2010. 40 p.
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creating-a-new-normal.jpg Creating a New Normal…After the Death of a Child
Fox S.
Bloomington, IN: iUniverse. 2010. 308 p.
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For other grief resources, visit The Centering Corporation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and resources for the bereaved.